Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vienna, Budapest

Sunday, on a cold end of March I took the morning train to Vienna. What happenned is mixture of sightseeing of the city and visits to places where Before Sunrise is filmed, cafe-couture and meeting some amazing people along the way. After Vienna, I went to Budapest. Coming with doubts that I will survive the 4 days, I am surprised to find myself falling in love with the city. It's like having a full course menu in a fancy restaurant. You get this set with friendly people, breathtaking nature, gorgeous architecture and good food. So Budapest was very pleasant for me. One of the most unforgettable thing I did was this caving tour in Buda. At first I thought we were only going to be guided at the cave, no big deal. Turned out, we really had to explore the cave (meaning: alot of sliding, climbing, crawling and other awkward poses involved). It made me feel like a strong, powerful woman inside out, and also proved that I overcome my claustrophobia (I always thought I had it, ok).

I was walking around aimlessly (read: when somehow get lost) when I found this poster in front of a toilet shop (?) Heart-shaped butt is worth documenting.

No idea what Pinocchio is doing in Vienna. I always thought he's from Italy? No?

Born in Stars, We live on earth as Poets

Consumed Schnitzel since January 1st

Statues, doing breakdance and shit

Shakespeare & co. -unrelated to the one in Paris, but still worth a visit (if you like books..)

If you've seen Before Sunrise, pretty sure you'd recognize this cafe

You couldn't tell, but the cake is cat-shaped.

This was my date. But I forgot his name.

The story behind the red lip: I was going to the opera and I got the need to look somewhat fancier ( I always look like a homeless person in daily basis) so I went to some shop and tried on some red lipstick (I know I'm gross, whatever). Oh and I tucked in my cardigan to create a somehow elegant silhoutte (hah hah), but you could still see I'm clutching a plastic bag and military style canvas bag -oh and wearing docs on my feet. Well atleast I tried...

The famous Sacher Torte and Melange coffee

First time in my life to ride a funicular

The view

Underground labyrinth. It was as scary as it sounds like.

Natural bokeh, hi.

Brick by boring brick

Vegetables and fruits are so pretty and colorful (can you tell I'm already run out of ideas to caption every picture I post here)

Cute pickles

Langos (deep fried bread) with sour cream, cheese and hungarian spicy salami. Calories b-omb

The liberty statue (and some lamps)

Cave church. Church inside a cave. How convenient.

If this photo was a song, it'd be Don't stop believing by Journey.

Now, how gorgeous is the background

The shoes memorial along the Danube river. The jews were asked to take their shoes off before they got shot and fell to the icy river.

Before the cave tour. The only time I felt cool wearing an overall,

Szechenyi bath. Goddess bathe here (I did, too.)

Inside of the opera in Vienna

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