Sunday, September 2, 2012

snake(fruit) skins

This is my new enevelope clutch I made today. I've always wanted one but couldn't afford it. Few days a go I went to a thrift shop to found a midi faux leather skirt for 50 cent! -which I know I wouln't wear anyway, but then I came to the idea to transform it into something I'd like / wearable.

My clutch isn't perfect, infact i just cutted the material into a rectangular form, fold it like an envelope and glue it (too lazy to sew~~) et voila, a new tres beau little bag that is able to carry the necessaries : money/wallet, keys, phone, and a pair of sunglasses!

Btw the leather fabric reminds me alot of salak aka snake fruit, which makes the bag looks cool and at the same time reminds me a lot of my home country where snake fruits are everywhere.

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  1. lol bebi warum hast du Dollar da drin? Bereitest du dich schon darauf vor mich zu besuchen ? :P