Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Zebra x Cross Fringe Shirt

what you need :
-a plain shirt (you can get from basic section @ h&m or other fastfashion retails)
-needle & thread and some pins or a sewing machine
-zebra patterned fabric (i got mine from cutting off my old shirt)
-paper for making patern
-time & patience

-draw a big cross on the paper, cut
-apply on the fabric, cut cut cut
-put the cross shaped fabric on the center of your shirt, pinning it would help, a lot
-start sewing
-finish sewing lol
-at this point you shoukd have cross embed on your shirt, which is cool. you can stop now and wear your "new" shirt proudly.
-but if you are up for something crazier (wut?) you can cut off the seam of the shirt and start cutting stripes vertically. lol is this even understandable?
-when your done, pull the fringe with all the super power in you.
-wear the shirt and start helping people in need!

i'm selling this shirt. if you're interested please let me know (comment or message me)

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  1. Richtig toller BloG! Ich folge dir nun, würde mich freuen wenn du mir auch folgen würdest :)