Tuesday, December 20, 2011

homemade chai tea kit [updated]

what you'll need :
-container box (you can find one in the hardware store or ikea maybe??)
-tea (here i put black tea, peppermint tea, and indonesian jasmine tea)
-herbs/spices : ground ginger, cinnamon, cloves, blackpepper corn, fennel, or like anything you want? (i bought spices from asia supermarket)
-sugar (brown could be better, but i only have white sugar so it's sugar too and sweet)

i'm actually not done with this project (project??? lol). need to make the recipe sheet and and diagram to tell which spice on each box.

giving this for my boyfriend's mom for christmas. i hope she'll swoon over this. or hug me. or just think of how awesome i am? ok maybe if she'll actually make chai tea with my kit i would sob.

so i printed the photo/diagram and wrote chai recipe on the back and tied it all together.
going to my boyfriend's family tomorrow. i am nervous.

(inspiration by rookie magazine.)
click here for recipe!

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