Tuesday, December 10, 2013

About hipsters

I'm currently reading text for my communication studies class and suddenly it crossed my mind that in this society where pop culture rules, people who choose to get off the mainstream, people who actually read classic literature and not into top 40 music, people who go to museum and art exhibition, some people who are "different" than the others, "the normal group" are considered as a hipster. I'm almost sure the word "hipster" has a negative connotation? Not one person want himself to be labelled "hipster" and some people use the term to mock someone who tries to do anti-mainstream things.
This society and that includes the mass media sculpt our thinking process. Entertainment is more appreciated than education or art. How sad is that.
I've been called a wanna be hipster or into hipsters and my reaction was to get bit upset about it. All this time people around me and the media makes me think that hipster is a no-no. Some people also claimed hipsters to be the worst kind of people out there.
I mean sure there are some people who are typical hipsters (in the way they dress, thick rimmed glasses, beanie, american apparel are some examples of what most people think what a hipster person would wear - or based on their hobbies of reading, knitting, brewing beer at home, or any other typical hipster characteristics) who tend to think themself as better human than the rest, but a bad personality could also be owned by someone who is not a typical hipster at all too.
My main point is just the reality is sad that when you want to be different and appreciate things that are not considered a popular culture, you are being labeled something with a negative conotation (like the term hipster).

Friday, September 13, 2013

travel / life bucket list

I'm heading to Thailand tomorrow and been reading lots of travel blogs and it just makes me love traveling more and want to set up my own travel blog alas I'm way too lazy for it and probably just gonna post it here, on this thing I may call personal blog? So, for starters (to get my traveling sense stoked for Thailand and Cambodia -and more destinations in the future!) I wanna make a wander list or just things I wanna do/achieve in life/bucket list:
**hopefully I will actually update this list with new things to and cross off things I've successfully done**

  • Snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Learn to surf
  • Bungee jumping
  • Visit Japan!
  • Travel solo (to Vienna and Budapest)
  • Visit New York City
  • Get my writing published on Thought Catalog
  • Be in a magazine/newspaper/printed or online media
  • Live few weeks/month in Papua
  • Master my german (on it!)
  • Get an internship in NYC
  • Go to Coachella or other cool music festivals
  • Dye my hair in pastel color (been blonde, pastel pink, lavender, various shade of brown, ombred, etc)
  • To be able to count 1 to 10 in 10 languages (so far I can do in 6 languages)
  • Swim in an underwater cave
  • Visit India
  • Have a kind of  'Before Sunrise'-esque romantic evening (in Florence, Italy)
  • Have a guy playing guitar and sing for me (Dresden, Germany)
  • Get a bachelor degree
  • Overcome my fear/phobia of rats, mice, those creepy createurs
  • Kiss in the library
  • Write a book
  • Get photographed for my fashion sense
  • Get invited to Fashion Week
  • Live in an english speaking country
  • Bake french macarons perfectly
  • Being sent flowers to my door
  • Study abroad (Germany)
  • Win best dressed on Halloween

Thursday, May 2, 2013

thrifty fairy princess guide to make your own (cheapass) flower crown

you'll need:

  • flowers (mines from the craft store and is made from spongey texture, not plastic - one pack of 18 cute little flowers costed me 1,49 eur)
  • floral wire (i got mine long time ago but they probably costed only around one euro)
  • scissors
  • about 30 minutes of your life (could be less or more depending on your crafty skill and patienty)
  • optional: good music to accompany you being all crafty (suggestion: cats on fire, acidman, the strokes, arctic monkeys, vampire weekend)


  • gather shits you need

  • measure your head with the wire (you should add extra 1-2 cm to it, i didn't and my crown felt quite small and couldn't fit my big head) and cut it off with the scissor. repeat until you got 3 wires of same length. braid them wires (you know how to braid, right?), form it into halo-shaped by connecting the end to the other (braid and twist them together), then start wrapping each flower to the crown until  it looks presentable or please your aesthetic.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


my current wall art: a postcard from budapest and preserved rose.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vienna, Budapest

Sunday, on a cold end of March I took the morning train to Vienna. What happenned is mixture of sightseeing of the city and visits to places where Before Sunrise is filmed, cafe-couture and meeting some amazing people along the way. After Vienna, I went to Budapest. Coming with doubts that I will survive the 4 days, I am surprised to find myself falling in love with the city. It's like having a full course menu in a fancy restaurant. You get this set with friendly people, breathtaking nature, gorgeous architecture and good food. So Budapest was very pleasant for me. One of the most unforgettable thing I did was this caving tour in Buda. At first I thought we were only going to be guided at the cave, no big deal. Turned out, we really had to explore the cave (meaning: alot of sliding, climbing, crawling and other awkward poses involved). It made me feel like a strong, powerful woman inside out, and also proved that I overcome my claustrophobia (I always thought I had it, ok).

I was walking around aimlessly (read: when somehow get lost) when I found this poster in front of a toilet shop (?) Heart-shaped butt is worth documenting.

No idea what Pinocchio is doing in Vienna. I always thought he's from Italy? No?

Born in Stars, We live on earth as Poets

Consumed Schnitzel since January 1st

Statues, doing breakdance and shit

Shakespeare & co. -unrelated to the one in Paris, but still worth a visit (if you like books..)

If you've seen Before Sunrise, pretty sure you'd recognize this cafe

You couldn't tell, but the cake is cat-shaped.

This was my date. But I forgot his name.

The story behind the red lip: I was going to the opera and I got the need to look somewhat fancier ( I always look like a homeless person in daily basis) so I went to some shop and tried on some red lipstick (I know I'm gross, whatever). Oh and I tucked in my cardigan to create a somehow elegant silhoutte (hah hah), but you could still see I'm clutching a plastic bag and military style canvas bag -oh and wearing docs on my feet. Well atleast I tried...

The famous Sacher Torte and Melange coffee

First time in my life to ride a funicular

The view

Underground labyrinth. It was as scary as it sounds like.

Natural bokeh, hi.

Brick by boring brick

Vegetables and fruits are so pretty and colorful (can you tell I'm already run out of ideas to caption every picture I post here)

Cute pickles

Langos (deep fried bread) with sour cream, cheese and hungarian spicy salami. Calories b-omb

The liberty statue (and some lamps)

Cave church. Church inside a cave. How convenient.

If this photo was a song, it'd be Don't stop believing by Journey.

Now, how gorgeous is the background

The shoes memorial along the Danube river. The jews were asked to take their shoes off before they got shot and fell to the icy river.

Before the cave tour. The only time I felt cool wearing an overall,

Szechenyi bath. Goddess bathe here (I did, too.)

Inside of the opera in Vienna