Saturday, November 21, 2015

22. My Greatest Accomplishments (30 Day Writing Challenge)

It may be hard to believe but I was one of the best graduate from my high school (best graduate in social science, in fact).
I think it was definitely one of my biggest achievement in my life, because if you know me personally, you know that I'm a tad slow and just an idiot in general. But I remember when I was on 10th grade I was thinking how all my life I never got to the top 3 rank in school and how it's probably fun to get better academically so I could brag about it or something.
So I guess I put more effort to study, even though I was still lazy, always came late to class and always had to stand up in shame all through out every Mandarin class I had (When you're really bad at chinese the lao shi 'punished' you by not allowing you to sit down until the end of class).
Perhaps it was a bit of luck mixed with a bit of everyone else doesn't care about school.
Actually there was this girl in my class (I hope she's not reading my lame blog) and she was your typical nerdy girl, she did well in a lot of subjects and if I remember correctly she always sat in the first row (I don't know why I need to point that out). And everyone thought she was the smartest kid in class. Nobody ever believed I was actually better than her -HA!
Even my close friends (and maybe because they're my close friends) were surprised to know I was the very best (like Ash from Pokemon). Well my friends, even I was surprised too.
Anyway I guess it was a one time thing.
After high school I took few months of intense german course and I was just bad. I lost my motivation to study and all, perhaps because I outdone myself in high school and after that my brain just decided to go into retirement.
Then I went to Germany. It is one great thing I have achieved to do in my life, but I wouldn't say it's all me. Without my parents I wouldn't be here. Thanks mom and dad for letting me go to ~~achieve my dreams~~ Sometimes I still can't comprehend that I could (I mean not perfect but) speak german. I study Sociology and Communication so there's a lot of reading, talking, discussing. I gave presentation in german in front of Germans. I know, terrifying. Sometimes I just don't know how I managed to do that, and wow gee but I am proud of myself sometimes.
Not only because I didn't pee my pants but also because how nice the feedback I had gotten and how good the grades I gotten for my presentation.
I mean, guys, I am awkward as Michael Cera in every movie! Awkward and bad at talking german and shy and just all around a mess.
Another accomplishment worth mentioning (in my opinion) was to cook decent meals for my friends on my 22nd birthday. I made panini with arugula, grilled aubergine, homemade vinaigrette (!!!); couscous salad; home made vanilla cupcakes with the best frosting and everyone asked for the recipe (!!!) and other delicious stuffs that I can't even remember.
I mean it wasn't big, it was awkward actually but hehhh I managed to cook meals for a group of people and didn't poison anyone!
And traveling is probably not an accomplishment, right? But it still blows my mind how I've been to many places. I come from a small town in Indonesia and even though I've always wanted to see the world since I was so little, I never really thought I would actually be able to do it. Some of my trips are solo, so I'm also proud of that. I managed to get lost in a lot of places (don't tell my mum) and normally when it's already dark outside in sketchy places like end of subway line in Brooklyn, end of subway line in Vienna or hilly gangs of Istanbul and weee I somehow managed to navigate my ass back every single time.
Writing things like this is so much fun for me. Probably no one ever cares to read all this none sense with bad grammar and too personal stories, but whatever I can read it again in the future and reflect on all the things I've done and it WILL be fun for me. Maybe I should share about my weird travel stories sometimes. Like a guy who chatted me up in Florence, took me to a pub to meet his friends (they were like 15 people!) and watch football, then showed me the city and ended up taking me to Piazzale Michelangelo which was super romantic and bought me roses and it was very Before Sunrise-esque (which is my ultimate romantic goal ever), it was so beautiful, the city was beautiful, he was cute and italian, all around a good experience 9.5/10 would do again.
Then there was another time I hold my pee for half a day and ended up having UTI. I know that you don't know what an UTI is, because before that I also didn't, but you'll know what an UTI is when you get one.
Then last summer I went on a mini europe trip with my sister who came to visit me. In Napoli one night we went to get drinks from this Kiosk place and the owner, who was an old guy spoke in broken english that he would like to take a picture with me or something like that. So I was finally gave in and stood next to him, and he pointed that my sister should take the picture with her phone. Me and my sister were like ??? I-being a clueless tourist thought he wanted to take a picture with me because I look chic or something (I wore simple summer dress and moto jacket), and turned out he wanted my sister to take a picture of him and me for me????
It was just weird. We then went back to the hotel (you read that right, a hotel my friend, with cool big windows with city view and air conditioner -such luxury) and ate our food. I still got the picture of me and that old man, in the background are cabinets of liquor. Super cool. Okay I'm tired now. Bye

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

15. What I've Learned (30 Day Writing Challenge)

I'm turning 24 this month and here are the things I have learned so far...

  • On family: they are one of the most important thing in life. You will feel terrible when you treat them wrong, so even though your sister might send you videos of rats at 2 in the morning knowing that you got some case of musophobia, you still have to love them, it's basically written in the sisterhood contract.
  • On friends: those who matters will find a way to keep you close. But it goes both way, so make effort for those you adore.
  • On body hair removal: shaving your armpit is never a good idea, wax if you must. Bleach upper lip hair. Pluck eyebrows. Let things grow in the winter time (or forever? You body, your choice)
  • On boys: you always fall for the ones you can not have, that's just the way things are. Keep enough stock of ice cream in the freezer at all times. Listen to Sharon Van Etten and Lykke Li, burn his pictures and drink the ashes.
  • On dates: wear decent clothes and make up but keep your chipped nail polish, it's showing you put effort but not that much. If you went on a date where you thought the guy has paid for your 5 Euro pizza but turned out didn't, fake your own death and never return to that pizza place (I did, so long Eva Pizza). On other words, pay for your own drinks unless the guy really really insists.
  • On technology: you need a power bank. You don't need Facebook App on your phone.
  • On drinking: drink too much and you shall end up sticking your head to the nearest toilet bowl and missing the opportunity to kiss a boy you like.
  • On organic beauty product: your tears is all natural eye make up remover.
  • On being a good guest: when invited to a birthday party, do not over-dress. Let the birthday person have their day, okay. In the morning pretend to be asleep until they woke up. Always bring something even when they said that you don't have to; either a bottle of wine, box of chocolates or other gifts. 
  • On wearing contacts: always. i repeat, always take it off at the end of the day. never sleep with contacts in your eyes. 
  • On studying in Germany: things take time. it takes time to learn the language, the people, culture and the system here, be very patient.
  • On intercultural relationship/friendship: be gentle on the chili / seasoning. learn their language and culture and share yours with them.
  • On solo travels: go. Stay at cool hostels, go to the lounge area, say hi, make friends. Or explore the city alone, but stay safe, keep number of your hostel/hotel, don't stay out late. Do not use selfie stick, there's special place in hell reserved for people with selfie sticks.
  • On getting good grades: do not thank your teacher / profs, you deserve it. Try to not talk too much about it on social media and to friends.
  • On seeing acquainted in public: always mention you are short-sighted, glue your eyes to your phone screen, analyze an avocado for 4 minutes straight until they go away.
  • On running into guys you dated before: pretend that you don't know them. Yes, it's awkward but talking to them and letting them know how miserable your life is, is way more awkward.
  • On being all-around-awkward-gal: remember all the stupid things you've done and said late at night, sweat uncontrollably and cry yourself to sleep.
  • On baking and cooking: never left the kitchen until you're done/turned off the stove/oven. Sometimes you just can't help but burn your kitchen. Twice. It sucks, but you got up close and personal to those firemen (they're literally hot), prepare to hara-kiri when they asked for your passport, update facebook status when they left. Also, water won't kill the fire you made (you monster), use your fav towel instead and celebrate your success with never get in the kitchen ever again. Also, apple sauce, chia and flaxseeds make eggcelent subtitute when baking cakes.
  • On netiquette / using smartphone: always screen shot everything. Dislike a youtube video if you must, don't spread hate in the comment section.
  • On knowledge: the less you know, the better.

this is so much fun. I might update this in the future when I learn more things!!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

16. A Short Biography of My Mother (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Well, it's no surprise that I already failing this challenge and skipped number 13 to 15. Sigh.
So let's give this another try...

Earlier today I was on Twitter and this girl I stalked (oops) wrote something like, she would be lucky to be half the woman her mother is. Such true words. I also cleaned my room today (something I do once every blue moon) and it brought me to memories back home and how crazy my mom is for cleaning our house every single day. She is basically a Super Lady.
Today she texted me about what happened in Paris and that she hopes I'm fine and stay inside because it's dangerous outside --and it made my day. Dresden is 1000 km away from Paris but it's nice to know your mom worries about you.

Okay I just realized that this supposed to be a short biography and not about me rambling

This will gives yet another proof of how a bad daughter / human being I am but I am not sure how many siblings my mum has. Okay so because I feel bad I counted, it's 8. My mum came from a big family with 4 brothers and 4 sisters, not don't ask details like who's older or younger. (I am raised in big family and it's hard to keep track of everybody, sorry..)

My mom only completed elementary school and instead of going to junior high school she decided to take different useful courses like pattern making and sewing course (I used to wear her maternity dress she made herself, it' not too weird right?) and baking courses.
She has albums filled with photos of cakes she baked, it was pretty impressive, like layered and colorful and just really cool.
In her younger years she was liked by many guys. On some occasion she hid under the bed to avoid guys who came over to see her (she's so cool!). She also went on lots of dates and took many pics laying on the grass and in front of fountains. My mum rules.
Then she met dad and got married. Soon after my sister Theresia was born. My family didn't have much in the beginning and it is so inspiring how she stayed with my dad through thick and thin.
She is basically the human form of the quote "behind every successful man is a woman"
My mum likes to listen to weird chinese music and cheesy pop songs. She used to collect earrings. I think she looks great for her age and I hope I will age as nicely as her.
Her singing voice is terrible but that's the voice I crave to hear the most nowadays, being faraway from her. I still can recall her screaming downstairs telling me to get in the shower. God, I miss her.
My mom and my family, we're not very vocal about our affection and feelings but then again action speaks louder than words.
She (and dad too) granted me this possibility to study abroad; something I never thought I could do.
And studying abroad is not easy (especially if you're lazy like me) and there are times where I could only call her and complain how everyone else is already graduated and got a job and she told me that I can't compare myself to them, because I am different than them and I have experiences that they don't have. She is just the best!!!
It's kind of weird because you'd think asian parents are so strict and want you to be a doctor or something, but my parents are actually quite chill. They let everyone of us (4 stupid girls in the family) do whatever we want to do, when I was into ~~fashun~~ they bought me sewing machine, and when my sister mentioned she wants to study in Japan in the future, they let her take japanese course. 
My mum now still a super mom, taking care of the house while helping my dad at the shop. I would be very lucky if I turned out to be half the woman my mom is.

Friday, November 13, 2015

13. The Way Makes You Feel

Music completes.
I really need to go!
I'll try to edit this tomorrow.
Meanwhile listen to songs I listen to recently.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

12. Plans you made.. And Broke (30 Day Writing Challenge)

It's more a dream than a plan really. When I was little I wanted to be a fashion designer, one very deary memory was my chair mate telling me that she wanted me to make her wedding dress when she get married. That's just the cutest thing ever.
I always liked to doodle in class and sketching picture of overly skinny girls with cute clothes.
I liked playing barbie. I got my first barbie when I was in 5-6 grade (which is so freaking late!) with my own money I got from Chinese New Year.
My mom never allowed me to get Mattel's barbie because it was so expensive. I remember one time we went to a department store and I got really upset and started crying. I am so sorry for embarrassing you like that, mum. I cried and scream like maniac in the department store and all the way home (read: sweaty, packed jakarta bus).
I actually had lots of those bootleg cheap plastic barbie dolls. I loved them. I made them cute little clothes. At that time I mostly hung out with this girl and I kept my dolls at her place. One very sad day I came over to play and she said that her mum had thrown away all the barbie dolls because there was a smelly rat in the box where we kept the dolls.
Perhaps that's the start of my long hatred of rats.
And that also made me kinda hate her. I would thought that she was lying and that she actually took all my dolls. Sigh.
In highschool we had to wear a same uniform every single day. The inner fashionista in me rebelled and I wore lots of different cardigan / sweater to kinda jazz up my look. A lot of kids in my school would just wear the same jacket every single day but I liked to mix things up so I always wear different kinds. And this girl, this girl. She started talking shit about me wearing different cardigans. Haters gon' hate. Important lesson in life.
On my last year of school I went to this fair with my family and convinced them to buy me a sewing machine. As part of the promotion I got a sewing course for free. So every Sunday I would go to North Jakarta (so far from home, like 2 hours?) to the course. Most of the people in the course are as predicted, very old. I managed to made one ugly ass blue turtle neck and an unfinished bag that I now used as a clutch for my tablet.
Yeah surprise, surprise I could actually do a little sewing. Wifey material, am I right?
After highschool I decided to go abroad for uni. With lots of stress and struggles I kinda stopped drawing and sketching. Sometimes I would still DIY some clothes though, I actually had a few blogpost where I made stupid stuffs so hey, read my other blog post (shameless marketing).

I mean I still love dressing up and I really wish more people do. It is so much fun! And I still kinda wish maybe there's still a slight chance that I could work in the fashion industry.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11. An Adventure You Hope To Have (30 Day Writing Challenge)

I have to cheat here and list more than one adventure I want to have because, well, I like adventures? (wow I really suck at writing?!)
  • I'm going to visit my friends in Poland end of November and I am so excited to meet them again and to see another polish city (this will be my second time going), I'm excited to explore the old time and having good ol' time with my friends eating tons of pierogi covered with onions, slurping zurek and chugging pivot and grass vodka. Also very stoked to enrich my polish vocab. So far I can say necessary things like, "nice ass", "happy birthday", "I'm drunk", "my name is Patricia", and other useful curse words ;)
  • I also plan to visit my friend in Belgium over christmas/new year break or meet her somewhere in the middle and travel together. She mentioned something about Bucharest and I was like, you mean Budapest? And she was like, no, Bucharest, Romania. Soooo, maybe.
  • The past one-two month is kinda hard for me because I had tons of paper to write and so little time, but I passed it and now I need to come up with a brilliant topic for my bachelor's thesis to finally be done with my studies, so I mostly procrastinate... It's hard not having your parent or teacher to tell you to do stuffs, you just end up watching tons on interviews on Youtube and get no job done. But, if somehow I managed to quit being a lazy ass, I hope to finish my studies before mid 2016. And when I finished my studies, I will be entering a new life phase and the biggest adventure. 
  • After I finished writing my thesis I would probably come back home for 1-2 months because I haven't been home since more than 2 years (!). I would like to learn how to drive properly (I know how to drive, but I wasn't good and I haven't been behind the wheel for years) and hopefully get a driving licence. There are tons (hahah I mean like 5) of people I want to meet back home. Hopefully I will be able to have a family vacation or a shopping trip with my mom, but I also looking forward to just lounge, singing karaoke at our living room with my cats and eating indonesian foods. I hope I can make it home around February to see my friend who's also coming back home and my other friends from highschool also should be around in Febraury. It's really weird how most of my friends went abroad after highschool and now one by one they're heading home. I guess there's no place like home.. In highschool me and my friends used to have little adventures, going to waterfalls and stuffs. We liked traveling and being stupid and getting scared over little things. We went to Bali before our highschool graduation for like 2-3 weeks and it was so much fun, even that they always bring back cringing memories like I got upset but then went okay when my friend feed me food, or how they thought I went alone to meet a guy I met online (I did't!). Most of our adventures are basically just stupid stuff, like hiding motorcycles in a small shop because my friends didn't bring papers and the policemen were out there looking for victims and extra money. And then we went to this supposed to be waterfall and it was dry. So disappointing. And we saw an underwear on the ground. Yikes. One time we went for a short trip and rented a cheap villa for like a night and the guys freaked out because they saw lump of hair in the bathroom and how the hair was long and none of us has long hair. I could go on forever about all our stupid trips. When I went back home summer 2013 we decided to go to this island few hours away from Jakarta. It was so much fun, I think on our last night there we ate fresh grilled fish and went to this shady weird little place where the play some tacky dangdut music and I don't know it was just so funny. I hope I'll see them soon and we'll have sleepover and laugh all night. 
  • If I managed to finish everything and go back home I also would love to make a quick stop in Japan or South Korea. I really want to go to Japan because I love everything japanese and also my best friend lives in Osaka so it would be super duper if she can show me around. Fun fact, my parents went to Japan last month and I hooked them up with my friend, and they freakin met and had starbucks! It's so rad that my parents met my japanese best friend. They took pics together and it's adorable. It's like she's now officially my best friend now. I mean I really wish to meet her in Japan and we'll go to Tokyo and have the ultimate omoshiroi time and be kawaii together and take tons of purikura and then maybe hop on a plane to Seoul to buy years worth of face masks and checking out hot korean guys. After than we'd go to Bali and have the time of our life. If only I have millions of euro laying around...
  • Another very important person in my life, is my good friend, Lis. She is everything. The coolest human being ever. She was my ride or die when we were in Leipzig. The first time I got drunk in my life I was with her and ended up staying over at her place once to sleep for 2 hours then we went to a church. If the 2 hours ceremony in german not enough punishment, we went over to this old couple's house for lunch. That was one of my vivid memories how death must feel like. They were very nice and even over to show us this lake but my oh my it was my first hangover and I was close to jump outside the window. But back to Lis. I remember I stayed at her place a lot, sleeping with her shirt, her cooking tea in the kitchen, her cool stories of her hometown and how she fed her dogs sweet potatoes. And we actually traveled together when I was back home 2 years a go. I stayed with her in Jakarta and because there's tons of annoying guys cat calling us on the street we started talking in german, so everybody was like ???. We went to Bandung together AND then we went to Thailand and Cambodia together! I definitely want to see her and hopefully come to Papua, her hometown and explore the island and maaaybe go to Raja Ampat.
  • Lately I just been looking for cool spots in Indonesia and there are tons. So I am excited to do some traveling too when I'm back home. I also want to see Vietnam, so hopefully I get to go..
  • Now I need a sugar daddy to fund me exploring the world.... 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

10. Home (30 Day Writing Challenge)

An itinerary to get home from where I live now:

5 mins brisk walk to the closest train station, Bahnhof Neustadt
5 hours speed rain ride to Frankfurt Airport
About 3-4 hours stay at the airport to check in my baggage and going through security and basically not being late for my flights
8 hours ride to somewhere in the Middle East for layover
Minimal of 2 hours of layover
Another 6-7 hours flight to Jakarta Airport
Minimal of 30 mins to get my luggage and going through Immigration
Minimal of 1 hour to get Home

When was I solo traveling to Cappadocia, Turkey last year I met tons of cool people at the hostel. One of them was Adam. I couldn't remember the whole conversation, but one thing I remember, we were at the lounging area and being all bum travelers we started talking about "home", and Adam started singing and mentioned this song from Edward Shape & Magnetic Zeros, Home.

The lyrics goes something like "..home / let me come home / home is wherever I'm with you"

I knew the song prior to that and thought it was kinda mehhh, but now every time I listen to the song I remember of the nice time I had in Cappadocia and the song grew on me.
And I wish I was lucky enough to be able to feel that home is that warm, fuzzy feeling when I'm with a cute boy I like.

But it's not
I don't have any cute boy in sight

My home is a place. In a small town in Indonesia. In a house filled with nasty rats and boxes and my dad's shop and rice fields in the backyard.
My home is faces, friendly faces.
My home is memories. Chasing after kites, playing on open field, crossing rivers, inline skates and burned skin.
My home is waking up to mum's cooking
..the smell of my dad's sweaty shirt he liked to throw to one of us after long day of work sisters watching cartoon on televison on a sunday morning
..jasmine iced tea (all day everyday!!!)
..tshirts, shorts, and flip flops cats knocking on my door at 5 in the morning
..being afraid to go to the kitchen at night
..did I mention my mum's cooking? Her yellow fried chicken is to die for *crying emoji*
..rice, sayur asem and omelette combo (basically the most perfect lunch menu ever existed)
..nasi gorek tek tek (street hawker's fried rice)
..that cat who been at least 10 times pregnant
..hanging around in the afternoon, waiting for shumai, ice cream guy or other yummy jajanan
..mum asking my little sister to get in the shower for at least 5 times before she actually going aunt picking up my mom to go to a wedding with her (and like 10 other people)
..hiding in my room when there are relatives in the house (unless it's imlek, because BRING ON THE ANGPAO!)

I always wanted to leave home, to see and explore the world I said
and I did, kind of
I see places and people
But nothing compares to home

I feel so lucky to have grown up there, eating 10 cent rolled eggs and other questionable foods, buying little spray painted chick from a street vendor, playing hide and seek, being told stories about ghosts
I am more than lucky to have a place and friendly faces, good foods and cool memories
Home is more than a guy who gives me butterfly in my stomach
Home is more like getting diarrhea from eating spicy rujak in the backyard with all my sisters, mum, uncles and aunties and grandmas, it's so worth it.

So, no, home is more than whenever they're with me
Even when I'm physically alone, they're still with me and my thoughts
I luv u mum and dad
and my annoying sisters (blaaah)
and my oli cat!
Thanks for being a safe haven for this crazy round dumpling.