Tuesday, December 10, 2013

About hipsters

I'm currently reading text for my communication studies class and suddenly it crossed my mind that in this society where pop culture rules, people who choose to get off the mainstream, people who actually read classic literature and not into top 40 music, people who go to museum and art exhibition, some people who are "different" than the others, "the normal group" are considered as a hipster. I'm almost sure the word "hipster" has a negative connotation? Not one person want himself to be labelled "hipster" and some people use the term to mock someone who tries to do anti-mainstream things.
This society and that includes the mass media sculpt our thinking process. Entertainment is more appreciated than education or art. How sad is that.
I've been called a wanna be hipster or into hipsters and my reaction was to get bit upset about it. All this time people around me and the media makes me think that hipster is a no-no. Some people also claimed hipsters to be the worst kind of people out there.
I mean sure there are some people who are typical hipsters (in the way they dress, thick rimmed glasses, beanie, american apparel are some examples of what most people think what a hipster person would wear - or based on their hobbies of reading, knitting, brewing beer at home, or any other typical hipster characteristics) who tend to think themself as better human than the rest, but a bad personality could also be owned by someone who is not a typical hipster at all too.
My main point is just the reality is sad that when you want to be different and appreciate things that are not considered a popular culture, you are being labeled something with a negative conotation (like the term hipster).

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